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Have you ever wished you could jump higher, be stronger and more explosive, feel great about your body? Then you have made it to the right place…
After years of putting together the perfect workouts for this program and thousands of dollars poured into creating it, we are finally ready to give out our coveted JLawBball 30 Day Transformation plan! After putting himself through an intensive 30 Day Transformation where he increased his vertical leap by 5 inches, increased his weight/muscle mass by 7 lbs and decreased his body fat percentage almost 4% from 10% to 6.2%, JLawBball is now ready to share his secrets so YOU can get the results you’ve always dreamed of…AT A FRACTION OF THE COST!
In this weight training program you will receive video content and the PDF version of 30 intensive workouts that are specifically tailored to transforming your body, boosting your confidence and getting you the results you’ve always been looking for! It’s super easy to follow along, and each workout makes you feel like you are right there training with JLawBball!
If you’ve ever wanted to change your body and change your game, then you’ve come to the right weight training the link below to start your 30 Day Transformation with JLawbball today!
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Each week, we have provided demonstrative videos to help assist with the workouts! You can view them this way:



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These workouts have been created by NASM certified Strength & Conditioning coach Sarkis Kara of Athletica Performance.