This video is showing you my busy, draining, exciting and most of all FUN All Star weekend in LA.
To begin, before i left for the Harden Invitational 3on3 Tournament i had a photo shoot with Jabbers, a company with adhesive stickers for your shoes that included my favorite Bible verse (1 Corinthians 10:21 ) & favorite emoji (pew pew crew) so now everyone can see what I’m about when i step on the court!
After that, I left for LA to go compete against other trainers and athletes including Brian Scallabrine & Terrell Owens in the Harden Invitational 3on3 Tournament. It was really fun to be able to chop it up with James Harden, see everyone and compete. Unfortunately we didn’t get the win, but still a great overall experience. Next time 🙂
Immediately following the 3on3 Tournament I hustled along to the Los Angeles Convention Center to put the Celebrity All Stars including the MVP Quavo, Terence Crawford, Jerry Ferrara & many more through a training session! Concluding that, I was fried, but a great fried! It was an amazing & eventful first day.
Day 2 was just as busy just not as physically demanding. To start the day I grabbed my Starbucks Iced Coffee (only way I can survive) and headed to an NBA Playmakers Panel and dropped some knowledge with my guy Devin Williams and others. Up next was the Celebrity All Star Game, it was an unreal experience to sit court side and watch this event being able to interact with people like Justin Bieber, Chris Wu and others! And shoutout to my guy Quavo for winning that MVP! Day 2 was quickly wrapped up and we headed into day 3!
After catching a couple hours of sleep I woke up early and drove up to Staples Center where we had 1 hour on the court to film some great content and experience what it’s like to hoop on that big of a stage! From Staples Center I headed to film for NBA Playmakers Association for the video series Jump Start where myself and Devin Williams broke down a few of the NBA’s biggest plays in the past few years including Lebron’s game 7 chase down block & Ray Allen’s clutch 3 to send game 6 of the Finals into OT. Up next was our Adidas 747 event where there were some amazing high school kids we were kicking it with all day in the sun, talking hoops, choppin it up with Jamal Murray and Brandon Ingram and many more! After that I was literally fried! My sunburn and I headed home to get some rest and prepare for the main event on Sunday, the actual All Star Game.
To start the final day of All Star Weekend 2018 I chilled at Starbucks for a little and gave away some JLawBball T-Shirts, headed to a Mitchell & Ness party and then left for the main event! There was a great buzz in the arena for the All Star Game knowing it would be much more competitive than years past because they picked teams and also a heftier bonus on the line 🙂 the coolest part of this whole thing was that I got to call the game with my buddy Bone Collector! I was speechless on the last play where Steph Curry, one of the best players in the NBA at being able to create a shot for himself wasn’t able to when Lebron & Kevin Durant trapped him to seal the win for team Lebron.
To sum up All Star Weekend 2018 it was just an incredible experience being able to see and meet so many people involved in the basketball world. Im so grateful for the opportunities I’ve received from this game and hope to be able to  do it again. Thank you to all who followed me throughout the weekend, see you next time!
God bless!!
– JLawBball